World Traveler – Men’s & Women’s Style Guide

Ready for your next Quest? With passport in tow be inspired to trek the globe in these adventure-ready outfits.


Men’s Style Guide
There’s no reason to sacrifice style on your Quest. Part of the excitement is not knowing where you’ll end up on your journey. Start by stashing your belongings in The Traveller bag, which fits perfectly in the overhead compartment. Because you’ll want to be stylish and comfortable at the same time, opt for our double pocket shirt – The Holland. Paired with grey denim, you create a look that’s sophisticated with casual flair. Let your feet do the talking in statement kicks and keep time with a bold face watch.


Women’s Style Guide
Versatile style is a globe trotter’s best friend. Express yourself in the bold print of The Trisha leggings. Paired with the cowl neck of The Birchwood top, you’ll look incredible no matter where you are in the world. Black boots are perfect for any terrain, while the white Weekender bag will transform into your must-have travel companion. Keep an inspiring book close for those long train rides and extra cash for the flexibility to switch directions at a moment’s notice.

Down To Business – Men’s & Women’s Style Guide

Dressing up for work isn’t what it used to be. With our Down To Business Style Guide learn how to take work attire to a new level with statement accessories that give a modern twist to traditional staples.

Women's Business Style Guide


Elevate your business acumen with The Janine, a dress that’s boardroom ready. Add a touch of feminine with strappy black heels & geometric gold bracelets. In between meetings, keep your mind sharp with a motivational book and stay connected with an iPad. The perfume? That’s for after the office. Stash it all in a bold purse that transitions from the office to after work.

Men's Business Style Guide


Business attire doesn’t have to equal a stuffy suit. Go modern with dark denim and contemporary black suede loafers. The Bryant sweater is an upscale touch that echoes success. Keep your tech accessories handy and opt for glasses over contacts. Finish your outfit with a bold watch that’s for style instead of time.

Men’s & Women’s Style Guide For The City Streets

Mens Style

Men’s Style Guide
Inspired by our urban surroundings we’ve got you covered when it comes to styling for the streets. Featuring The Grove, accent your casual look with pumped up kicks and maintain focus with serious headphones. Go minimalist by opting for a simple card wallet to slide into a sleek pair of denim jeans. Finish your look with a leather belt and bold sunnies as you #PursueGreatness.

Quest Apparel Womens Style Guide

Women’s Style Guide
Embrace the spring streets in The Ludlow. This lightweight racerback shifts your style into gear, while statement accessories move you full speed ahead. Classic denim paired with a gold watch and studded heels unite the outfit with lively personality. Stash your necessities in a print clutch and you’ll be ready to own the day (or night).


Live The Philosophy with Entrepreneur, Jaclyn Mullen

Entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and public relations specialist are just a few of the titles that encompass Jaclyn Mullen the “Jaclyn of All Trades”. This female business leader is making waves and is packed with passion. We recently caught up with to learn about how she measures success and more.

Jaclyn Mullen

What made you take the leap to start your own business to truly become a “Jaclyn of All Trades”?
I have always been a multi-passionate person. Growing up, I sang, played soccer and always held a part-time job. Those interests were pretty foreshadowing with regard to how my career path would unfold. I started off in radio, wanting to eventually have my own company. After 6 months, I completely switched gears and wound up doing business development for an HR consulting company. 4 years later, I had a revelation that the creative in me was slowly dying. I quit the business development job and started doing freelance marketing consulting, writing and background/acting work in LA. As I freelanced more and more, I knew I had to get organized if I wanted to work for myself AND own a successful business, therefore I joined a women’s group that had an incubator program and little by little, my confidence level and entrepreneurial skills grew. In October, 2009, I was offered a full time job at an online marketing agency and out of fear, I took it. In the spring of 2010 though, I started participating in a 6 month long, professional mentorship program. By the time I was ready to launch my own business, I had money saved up in the bank and I could no longer stand driving into a corporate office and working from a cubicle. That was December of 2010 and I haven’t looked back since. As the saying goes, ”when you know, you know.”

As a female entrepreneur, how do you inspire other women?
I will be the first to stay, other women inspire me. And I just try to channel that and share it with as many people as possible. I also truly believe in incorporating your passions, talents and fun into your work, whether corporate or entrepreneurial. On any given day, I am singing, sharing humorous photos on my Instagram account, working on client projects, and facing my fears. I try to be as transparent as possible with regard to the entrepreneurial journey and people appreciate that! Some days are better than others but there are always blessings in the bad days too! I would also say when I commit to something, I give it my all and that is very obvious. I will easily tell my inner critic to step aside, that there is work to be done, there are goals to achieve and there is happiness to maintain. Women have told me they appreciate that hustle, that fire, that commitment as it inspires them to do the same for themselves.

Please share one piece of advice that has always stuck with you and why it’s important in your life.
“Use your judgment.” My Armenian grandfather used to always tell me that in his thick accent. To me, that was his way of saying, “trust your intuition.” That gut feeling, that “this isn’t for me” sensitivity is strong for a reason—the opportunity, situation or person we are facing isn’t the right fit for us. I have used my judgment (sometimes better than others) with regard to what services to offer in my business, who I want to surround myself with, when it’s time to, let a project, client or goal go. More often than not, we start to ignore that inner voice. Perhaps because we’ve made a mistake listening to it once or twice so we assume it’s always wrong. I’d rather be wrong 2/10 times than 10/10. Use your judgment and listen to your intuition. Whatever happens in the end will only teach you and serve you in the long run anyhow.

How do you define and measure success?
How do I define success: being able to have options, freedom, choices. This to me is success. How do I measure success? Based upon consistency of happiness with all that I currently have in this very moment. When you have options, freedom and choices but you still find yourself unhappy, something just needs to be adjusted, even if that something is your attitude. Are there other benchmarks I want to achieve? Yes! I would love to own commercial real estate, drive a Porsche and always fly first class but I am just as happy without those things. Not needing anything other than what we already have, finding happiness, acceptance and gratitude within–that to me signifies a successful person!

Which Quest Apparel Philosophy are you drawn to most and why?
“Be The Exception” – We live in a day and age where celebrity and how we look is so exploited. You see girls who dye their hair or dress a certain way to replicate the exact image of someone else…to look less and less like themselves. I don’t want to be anybody but myself. And I don’t want to leave this earth without having challenged myself to experience my personal potential in it’s fullest form. “Be The Exception” really resonates with me. We all have unique traits, talents and dreams, there are no two people exactly alike. “Be The Exception” creates a domino effect. If I am willing to push myself and expand and be 100% unique, individual me, it’s as if I give the people surrounding me courage to do the same in their own way.

Jaclyn Mullen

What’s on your playlist? Do you have a song that really gets you into that conquer the world mindset?
I am obsessed with playlists and various kinds of music. Right now, I am tied between blasting Far East Movement’s “The Illest In Here” (perfect theme music for “Be The Exception”) and Drake’s song “Trophies.” I like bass, I like beats—I grew up dancing and choose songs based upon my ability to physically feel their rhythm! Plus, Far East Movement worked really hard to hit mainstream radio! They would play concerts in LA, push their tapes—they didn’t give up on their goal of making it big. And Drake, well he too is being the exception. He’s really committed to his craft and the amount of airplay he gets and fans he has is a good indicator of that! Plus, I love his lyrics.

Tell us about your biggest accomplishment in life. What’s next?
My biggest accomplishment was having my maternal grandparents see me graduate from college. I was the first in their family to attend and graduate from college—they immigrated to the US in the 1960’s. With that said, regarding what’s next: I have always believed in and taken my American Dream quite seriously. These days, I would love to build and grow my business and brand to seven figures. I don’t care if it takes me until I am 80 years old to do it, I am going to keep at it and keep trying.

Keep up with Jaclyn, by following her on Instagram @JaclynMullen.

How To Style: The Perfect Men’s Outfit For An Evening Out

Every guy needs an outfit that’s suitable for an unforgettable night. We’ve created just that. Wear The Manhattan with your coolest waxed denim, then pair with black suede shoes to really kick off your evening. Add an element of sophistication by layering on a tailored grey suit jacket. The blazer will make the grey henley pop and elevate your style game. Finish the ensemble with a bold statement watch for a good time.